Pergola Z!P

Pergola Z!P

Retractable Roof

Introducing the Pergola Z!P, a stylish patio cover with a roll-up fabric. This pergola with a pitched roof is attached to the house, just like a retractable or patio awning. Awarded with a Red Dot: Best of the Best Design Award.

6 lighting options

A Rase Winsol pergola allows you to enjoy the outdoor life all year round, even in the evening after the sun goes down. Discover our extensive choice of LED lighting in a showroom near you.

- Direct light in the cassette (also works when the cassette is closed)

- Direct light in the front bar (solar-powered drop-down valance

- Direct light in the crossbar or support beam (also RGB)

- Indirect light in the crossbar or support beam (also RGB)

- Direct light in the lateral guides

- Spots in the crossbeam or support beam

Customised pergola

Can be personalised to your style

Match the look of your Pergola Z!P to your home or choose something different. Choose from one of the 3 standard colours of white, black or anthracite grey. A different RAL colour is also possible.

Would you like a warm and cosy look? Then you can also finish off the front of the leg poles with a wood-look finish. These are the same colours as those for the wood-look louvres for the Pergola SO!.

And finally, you can also choose the fabric for the function or style you have in mind. Discover all the samples at a Winsol point of sale.

More to enjoy on the patio

Your Pergola Z!P or Z!P CUBE will be the place to be for lots of memorable patio moments. Together with the LED lighting, the following options will help you enjoy a total experience. Or choose a ready-to-use option pack.

- Bluetooth speakers

- Infrared heater

- 230 V power sockets

- USB charging points

- Rain, wind and sun sensors

- Solar-powered drop down valance (according to the Black Belt principle of the SolarFix blinds)

Your comfort

Smart operation

And how do you operate it all? You use the handy app on your smartphone or tablet!

Would you rather not operate your Pergola Z!P with your smartphone? Then ask about the optional design push buttons. These buttons are illuminated and waterproof and we have integrated them neatly into one of the leg poles. You can use them to operate not just the retractable canopy but also the lighting and the outdoor blinds.

Decorative walls

Side partitions complete the picture. These not only provide shelter but are also decorative.

Thanks to the range of options, there is always a wall that matches the architectural style of your house. Classic, rustic, modern or minimalist... Winsol pergolas are suitable for every home.

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