Pergola SO!

Pergola SO!

Louvred roof

Live outdoors with the comfort of indoors. The bioclimatic Pergola SO! combines a streamlined design with handy features such as lighting, loudspeakers and intelligent regulation based on the position of the sun.

Features of Pergola SO!

Cosy cocooning in your own garden or patio? With the Pergola SO! with tilting louvres, you create an extra living room outside. You can sit there in peace and comfort at any time of the day. And thanks to the decorative walls, you are immediately protected against prying eyes and the wind.

The aluminium louvres completely close off the roof of the pergola so that you can enjoy your SO! all year round. Or tilt the louvres for the perfect amount of shade on your patio.

Patented Technology

What if.... you could influence the weather in your garden or on your patio? The Pergola SO! adapts to the weather conditions thanks to the adjustable louvres. The patented and intelligent control system calculates the ideal position of the louvres and tilts them whichever way you wish. And you can enter those preferences in the app. Choose from 3 types of automation to regulate the louvres . And you can also regulate the LED lighting, heating, speakers and outdoor blinds with the app.

A total experience on your patio

LED lighting

Use the built-in lighting in the Pergola SO! to create the perfect atmosphere in your garden. Warm light for a cosy evening with a glass of wine? Or would you prefer cold light so that you can read an exciting book on your patio at dusk? And how about a romantic starry sky with small LED lights in the louvres? The tone has been set!


Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth speakers, power sockets and charging points in the leg pole, a Winsol pergola is the place to be! Transform your Pergola SO! into an outdoor cinema and project your favourite films, series or sporting events on the projection screen. And the infrared heating will keep everybody nice and warm. Ready for a fun evening?

Made to measure


Your louvred roof must suit you and your surroundings in every respect. That’s why, besides the many other options, you can also adjust the look of your pergola. Choose 1 of the popular standard colours (white, black or anthracite grey) or another RAL colour. And for those customers who want a warmer touch, there are also louvres with a wood-look finish.

Decorative walls

Together with the partitions or side walls, the tilting louvres create a natural microclimate under your pergola. Discover the extensive range of decorative walls, such as windproof blinds, illuminated Ambiente louvred wall, steel-look glass walls and more. These closures transform your Pergola SO! to make it the most comfortable place on earth.

Technical attributes

Maximum width: 4.5 metres

Maximum projection: 6.4 metres

Maximum height: 3 metres

Interlinkable with multiple units: yes, no limit

Awarded the international Red Dot Design Award jury in 2019

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