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We are a local company that operates as a distributor for our partner companies Winsol, Brustor and Prostor. Both are situated in Belgium. They custom engineer and create the aluminium pergolas and parasols which we supply, constructing them based the orders we have provide. Our company is the main distributor across the whole North of the UK. As well as this Rase Outdoor Living also partners with a range of other landscape architecture companies, with one key mission statement - We commit to helping you realise the true potential of your outdoor living area.

Our Product

The products we offer are constructed with elegant and sleek design at the forefront. The aluminium frame is specially designed so no screws are visible. The louvres can be controlled by remote to rotate up to 210 degrees.
The in-built draining system as well is embedded into the 4 legs, making it discreet and effective.

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Our Service

At the centre of our company is the promise to give our clients the best possible treatment, working with you from start to finish of any project. We ensure that we will always do our best to provide the highest quality service, striving to meet all deadlines, and provide any form of guidance/maintenance whenever necessary.

Our Partners

Over our 4 year company life cycle we have partnered alongside a number of companies. Our products & services are unified with the goal of enhancing your garden living space.

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Our showroom has recently opened, we'd love you to come visit and experience the beauty of our product first hand - find out more here.

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“We create contemporary aluminium pergolas for people all around the UK, helping you make the most of your garden space. Get your quotation today and you can soon be enjoying our wonderful product!”
Clive Williams
CEO of Rase Outdoor Living.
Stylish & Flexible

Design is The King

Not sure whether our product is right for your space? Download our free electronic brochure to understand why our Pergola is the most creative and modern solution in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Pergola Offer?

Not only are our metal pergolas sleek and stylish but they also provide shelter within your garden. Come rain or shine, with a pergola you can continue to make the most of your garden, whatever the weather. In the height of summer, the pergola can provide some much-needed shade to protect your family from hard UV rays. During spring showers, a metal pergola with sides is the perfect way to shelter your family from the rain from all angles. Additionally, a pergola can add some privacy to your outdoor space.For a totally versatile solution to staying outside on a rainy day or during the warmness of the sun’s rays, consider a pergola with a retractable canopy. You can either shield yourself completely from the elements or slightly retract your canopy to enjoy the drizzle of the rain or warmth of the sun. With a pergola, your outdoor living space is no longer limited by the weather. It is functional in nearly any climate, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your outside space throughout the seasons.

What is the Rough Cost of a Bespoke Metal Pergola

The best way for you to understand how much the product may cost is to use our especially made budget tool. This will give you a quick estimate to how much a freestanding aluminium pergola would cost for the inputted size.

We also believe in the importance of giving you an accurate price for your garden space and design, if you are happy with the estimate given from the budget tool, but would like a more in depth quote, then either give us a ring or send an email. It is best to have images ready of your outdoor space. With these pictures it will help give more insight into the possible designs before we carry out a survey.

What Customisation Options are Available?

A pergola can do so much more than simply provide shade. In fact, a pergola can define an outdoor space, create a destination for friends and family, and provide a garden focal point. One idea for turning an average pergola into a stunning outdoor feature is to pair it with in-built lighting, heating and speakers. As well as the option to embed LED strips into the louvred roof, you can also add LED strips and/or spotlights into the frame.

Moreover, you can customise the colour of the pergola, with supported for 1000 RAL colours, and the pergola roof, frame and fabric sides can all be uniquely coloured. The benefit of having a made to order pergola is that you can choose whether or not to have it lean-to or just as a freestanding aluminium pergola - they can also be coupled or have an overhanging canopy if desired.

The choice of where to place screens is completely down to you, and you can choose whether you want automated fabrice pergola sides, or if you instead want a custom made glass or wood design. With the louvred canopy, you can choose whether to have a narrow or wide width, as well as whether you want the roof to be rotatable and fully retractable.

Finally we also offer the option to include wind, rain and sun sensors, alongside home automation integration, this means that you can control your pergola directly from your smartphone or remote, and the sensors can automatically configure your roof and sides to be best protected from the elements.

What is the Guarantee Policy

Our metal pergola is a high quality, aluminum, automatic sun shading system with a precise mechanism. This construction is particularly water repellent but complete water tightness is not guaranteed. The construction and the aluminum louvers resist wind speeds up to 120km/h and were CSTB tested. The included warranty certificate contains more technical information and tips to enjoy your product for many years. The products have a warranty period of 5 years. For a complete overview of the warranty, ask for our specific sales conditions.

Exception: LED lighting and heaters have a 2-year warranty. Electronics has a 3-year warranty. 5 The motor has a 5-year warranty.

How Long do the Modern Pergolas take to install?

One of our bespoke garden plans can usually be installed in just one day. This is largely dependant on the number of customisations and features selected, the installation process may take two days for more complex jobs. We aim to complete them quickly, however ensuring that the installation aligns with the landscape designs and that quality is not compromised is our top priority. This timescale does not include any of the foundation works that must be done beforehand.

Is the Pergola Completely Waterproof?

Yes. Our louvered roofs are designed to be all-weather solutions and therefore the interlocking design of the roof creates a watertight covering when closed - It is developed specifically to be upheld with international standards.

When the louvred canopy is completely closed, there is a small fall (slope) from front to back of approx 6 cm; water runs off the pergolas roof into an internal guttering concealed within the frame. This internal guttering is connected to 50mm downpipes in the upright posts with 1 drainage post required per 15 sq/m of roof surface area. There will always be small amounts of condensation and splashback in the aluminium models, however the custom design is set out to minimise this, and our latest model - the B-250 - is the most watertight yet.